10 Scary Dreams About Teeth Falling Out and What They Mean (2022)

Dreams about teeth falling out are probably one of the most common dreams we have. Most people I know have had this kind of dream.

I still can remember the first time I had one, I think I was only around five years old! It was terrifying, and I can remember it so vividly even now! Since then, I have had countless dreams about teeth falling out. But what does it mean?

In this article, we will look at the different variations of dreams about teeth falling out, what they mean, and what you can learn from them!

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out

Because dreams about teeth falling out are very common, there are many different reasons why you might be dreaming about it! It all depends on the context and how your teeth are falling out.

Are your teeth rotting? Are they splintering? Can you taste anything? Are all of them falling out or just a few?

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Most dreams about teeth falling out are linked to insecurity, honesty, and wellbeing. This is because teeth are seen as a symbol of power and truth.

Read on to learn about ten common (scary) dreams about teeth falling out, what they mean and what they can teach you!

Dreams about broken teeth

Dreaming about a broken tooth suggests that there is a lot of insecurity and doubt within yourself. Your self-esteem is at a low right now and your subconsciousness is trying to tell you that you need to focus on you!

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Self-love is one of the most powerful tools that we have, but sometimes it can be hard. Social media and modern life mean that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and this can have a real impact on our wellbeing and self-esteem.

If you are having dreams about broken teeth, now is the time to focus on yourself and your self-love. Perhaps start practicing affirmations or develop rituals and practices that focus on you and how fantastic you are!

Dreams About Teeth Breaking

Dreaming about teeth breaking is a super scary dream and somehow always seems to feel very, very real!

If you are having this dream, it suggests that you are embarrassed about something in your life.

Teeth symbolize personal power and therefore if you are dreaming that your teeth are breaking there seems to be a threat to your power.

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There have been recent situations or events that have made you feel embarrassed and inferior, and you don’t feel like you can stand up on your own two feet.

Work out what it is that is making you feel embarrassed or inferior. Could it be your work life? Your friendship group?

Try and look out for yourself and don’t let other peoples behaviour or opinions get you down!

Dreams About Teeth Moving

Sometimes we have dreams that teeth are moving around in our gums and mouth. This is a really bizarre dream and is never fun to have!

Loose teeth suggest that you are at a transitioning stage of your life and you might have to make a difficult decision somewhere in the near future.

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If you are having this dream, make sure that whatever changes occur in your life, you stay true to yourself. Your life’s journey and your personal goals are so important and these big decisions that are coming up might make you closer to your goals!

This uncertainty of your future will soon change, and soon you will get through this transition and come out the other side even stronger!

Dreams About Teeth Crumbling

This unsettling dream suggests that you are anxious about your appearance. Sadly it is normal for people to get down about their looks no matter how beautiful they are. However, this dream is your psyche telling you that you need to be proud of your gorgeous looks!

If you are getting anxious a lot, maybe it is time to address this. There are so many brilliant natural remedies for you to try out in order to ease your anxiety!

Addressing your anxiety means giving yourself the space to practice self-love, allowing yourself to grow spiritually and emotionally.

Dreams about Teeth Rotting

Dreaming about teeth rotting suggests that there is something bad in your life. Perhaps there is a friendship, relationship, or job that is rotten and this negative energy is now really affecting you!

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Your psyche is telling you to get rid of the negativity and embrace positivity! Rotten people are not good to have around you, and they can sometimes make you rotten too.

Focus on yourself, your positive energy, and your goals and dreams.

Dreams About Teeth Being Pulled Out

This dream is terrifying! It is also linked to change and transition but suggests that this might be hard for you and the situation is uncomfortable.

Soon you might need to make a difficult decision. This will be about your life and the people around you. Deep down you know the right thing that you will need to do, but having this dream suggests that it will be painful either way.

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Difficult decisions are just a part of life’s journey, but this doesn’t mean that they hurt any less! In order for you to prepare for this transitioning period and any hard choices you are going to have to make, put time and effort into your home and increase positive energy around you. This means that you will have a sanctuary to relax in when things get tough!

Dreams About Teeth Cracking

This dream suggests that you are under a lot of pressure right now and you might crack if you don’t look after yourself properly! Perhaps you are a hard worker or devoted to your family. You constantly put your career or the people in your life before yourself.

This is an amazing part of your personality, but remember that you need some time for yourself! Self-care, time out from the hectic world, and relaxation are incredibly important for your soul. Sometimes we think we are too busy to stop and take five, but this isn’t true!

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There is always time for yourself and your wellbeing. If you are feeling stressed and overworked, consider meditating with crystals. This gives you time out to gather your thoughts and calm your energy right down.

Run a bath, read a book, do some yoga. Whatever you need to relax and give yourself time out, do it! You will feel so much better for it.

Dreams About A Mouth Full Of Teeth

This dream is linked to talking, and the worry that you might say the wrong thing! It suggests that you have said something recently that you didn’t quite mean and it is playing on your mind.

Everyone fluffs their words from time to time and might say things they don’t mean. Perhaps you have done this and hurt somebody’s feelings. Now you are worried about speaking more in case you upset anyone.

If you are having this dream, try and think if you have said something you shouldn’t have and need to apologize! It happens to everyone, so don’t worry too much. Your subconscious might just be warning you that you need to sort this out so you can move on.

Dreams ABout Loose Teeth

If you are having dreams that your teeth are loose, there is something in your life that you need to talk about!

Perhaps there is something about your relationship that is niggling at you. You might not see it as a big issue, but it is still there causing friction. Perhaps your friend said something offhand that upset you. You might know that they didn’t mean it, but still feel upset that they said it!

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If you are dreaming that your teeth are loose, think about the relationships that you have in your life and if anything needs addressing. Even if you think it is a small thing, your psyche knows that you must talk to clear the air and get rid of any negativity!

Value openness in all the relationships you have. Not addressing small things can lead to big resentment. Remember to use ‘I feel’ sentences not ‘you make me feel’ sentences when talking with loved ones.

Dreams About false Teeth

If you are dreaming about false teeth you are not being true to yourself or the people around you.

Have you lied to anyone recently? Have you broken a promise?

Think about your recent actions and if you have been deceitful. Your subconscious might be trying to let you know that you have behaved badly and need to make amends! You know deep down that you are a good person, just make sure you don’t lie to anyone again!

Perhaps the person you are being deceitful to is yourself. This is a bit more difficult to solve than if you had lied to another person.

10 Scary Dreams About Teeth Falling Out and What They Mean (9)

In order to be truly happy, you must follow your dreams and desires. Your subconscious knows when you are not doing this. Dreams about false teeth might be a warning that you are not being true to your desires and are on the wrong path in life.

Don’t worry though! We are here to help you on your journey. Look into tarot reading as this can be a great start in your journey of self-discovery. Finding the right path in life can be really hard for many people, and it takes time to learn about your true calling.

You can do it though, now is your time!

Why Dreams Matter

Our dreams reflect our subconsciousness and our deep wants and fears. In learning about what our dreams mean, we can discover what we need in our life in order to be truly happy and at peace!

Dreams reflect our desires that we might not be aware of and are always metaphors for our feelings and emotions. So don’t worry, you don’t have to go and see a dentist just because you are dreaming about your teeth falling out!

10 Scary Dreams About Teeth Falling Out and What They Mean (10)

Life is a journey and is about learning, growing, and discovering. In learning about what our dreams mean, we are learning about our true wants and fears. By doing this, we can discover what inner happiness and peace mean for us and find out how to get there.

Dream Interpretation

If you are new to dream interpretation there are ways in which you can make the process easier. Imagine your dreams as a type of language, and you are here to translate the meaning.

The way to help dream interpretation is to keep a dream diary. Every day when you wake up, write down everything that you can remember from your dream. This might only be a singular object or a person you know. You might think it isn’t relevant, but trust me, it is!

Everything you dream means something. With practice, we can learn what our psyche is trying to tell us.

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Keeping a dream diary means that you can compare dreams with each other and discover themes and feelings that keep cropping up.

When you are writing down your dreams, think about the events of the previous day, and how aspects of the dream might reflect them.

Good luck, and be patient! Dream interpretation does not come to us straight away, but in learning how to interpret your dreams you are learning how to understand yourself more.

Have You Had Many Dreams About Teeth Falling Out?

Have you had these kinds of dreams before? Has this article helped you understand them and do you now know what your psyche is trying to tell you?

Remember that every dream you have has a meaning, and when you are interpreting it you are learning more about yourself. Every dream is important. Lucid dreams included.

Dreams about teeth falling out reflect insecurities and communication. Self-love and self-development are so important in your spiritual journey and listening to your dreams mean that you are well on your way to personal clarify and inner peace!

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