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How Are You Going To Pull That Loose Tooth? - Blog - Sparkle Dental (1)4 Creative Ways To Pull Loose Teeth

When your child is getting ready to lose a tooth, you may be inclined to pull it out. Most teeth will eventually fall out on their own, but some are fairly stubborn. Luckily, there are a lot of different techniques you can potentially use on your child's teeth. Be sure to talk to your pediatric dentist about your concerns and for their diagnosis of the loose tooth. Here are 4 creative ways to pull loose teeth.

Shut a Door

The door shut technique is a classic that your parents may very well have used on you when you were a child. All you need to do is tie one end of a long piece of string to your child's tooth and the other end to a door knob. With both secure, you can have your child stand away from the door when it is open and then shut the door. The sudden movement should pull out a loose tooth.

Drive a Remote Controlled Car

If you have a remote controlled car or airplane in your home, you could make pulling teeth into an adventure. Tie one side of a string to the tooth and the other to the vehicle somehow. Then either you or your child can control the vehicle to move away quickly. If you are in control and you wait a minute to do something, your child may forget about the tooth entirely.

Throw a Ball

This follows the same principle as the other suggestions above. Tie a string to a ball and to your child's tooth, and then have your child throw the ball to you. If your child is too scared to do this, you may have to throw it instead. Tennis balls and baseballs work well for this because of their size and speed, but you can use just about anything you want.

Pull by Surprise

This has to be the most successful method of pulling teeth out there, and it takes no tools to do. All you have to do is find a way to yank out your child's tooth without him realizing it. You could act like you're feeling how loose it is, or you could count to a number and then pull before you reach that number. Catch your child off guard, and he won't be able to feel any pain from the pull. Just make sure you change up your surprise techniques by the time the next tooth gets ready to fall out.

If your child has missing teeth or misaligned teeth that are growing in, they may need invisble braces, minor cosmetic dentistry or dentures. Simply ask Dr. Assad for a free consultation and find out what is the best way to give your child a perfect smile.

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