Tanglewood's new Linde Center for Music and Learning honors benefactors (2022)

STOCKBRIDGE — What's in a name?

If you're a major-league, summer season arts organization about to unveil a landmark, $33 million, four-building complex, it's a big deal. The point is to recognize your most generous donors.

In the case of Tanglewood, the Boston Symphony Orchestra announced on Friday that is honoring Joyce Linde, her late husband Edward H. Linde, and family members for their leadership gifts to help fund what will now be known as the Linde Center for Music and Learning.

Linde, a BSO trustee and chairwoman of the Tanglewood Music Center/Tanglewood Learning Institute Initiative Committee, was instrumental as a driving force behind the new facility set to open in June, high on a hill overlooking Ozawa Hall. It will be Tanglewood's first year-round facility.

"Tanglewood has played a central role in our family's summers, and we believe in the transformative powers of music to bring people together," said Linde, a resident of Weston, near Boston, and Richmond, in a prepared statement. "With this in mind, it has been exciting to work collectively with other donors, committee members, community leaders, staff and management to think creatively about a beautiful space on the campus that can provide innovative programming and meaningful experiences for generations."

The newly named center includes a 250-seat auditorium suitable for local performances and special events even in the winter, rehearsal studios for the young musicians of the summer season TMC and a 150-seat cafe for institute patrons to mingle with fellow music lovers and big-name artists.

(Video) Sneak Peek at the Owen School Expansion and Renovation

The nearly completed project is part of the BSO's largest one-shot investment in its 82-year-old, 524-acre summer campus since Ozawa Hall was completed 25 years ago.

The BSO plans to unveil details on Feb. 7 about the first season of programming at the institute and the opening of the Linde Center.

The first season at the institute is expected to include four different, structured and curated weekend programs. Possibilities include talks, films, panel discussions, master class and rehearsal access, musical demonstrations, workshops and related activities based on the themes of the weekend's musical performances by the BSO and the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra.

For institute participants, the program is likely to include an "all-access pass" for BSO and TMC orchestra closed rehearsals and master classes, and backstage visits with BSO and Tanglewood orchestra musicians, guest artists and conductors.

When the facilities open to the public this summer, the Linde Center will dramatically increase the much-needed educational and rehearsal space for the Tanglewood Music Center, the BSO's highly regarded summer music academy opened in 1940. It will also be the hub for the Tanglewood Learning Institute's programming, described as "a new wide-ranging initiative of dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking activities."

Institute Director Sue Elliott, hired last summer, has emphasized that the new buildings will host not only events and performances by the BSO, TMC and the Learning Institute, but will also be available to organizations in the Berkshires and beyond, including local performance groups.

"We are deeply committed to adding to the depth and breadth of our cultural services in the Berkshires," she has told The Eagle. "We're well aware that it feels like in summer we land, and Labor Day weekend we de-camp. In no way do we want folks here to be left out. That's why we built the buildings."

The climate-controlled, all-season Linde Center intends to add a new dimension, according to an announcement from the BSO, by offering programs that "explore the power of music to illuminate the human experience by linking Tanglewood performances to relevant themes from the worlds of visual arts, film, history, philosophy, and current events, and offering institute participants experiences that dissolve the traditional barrier between performer and audience."

As Elliott has explained, the complex "will bring together community members, musicians, academics, guest artists and patrons for creative thinking and cultural engagement, using music as a unifying force. We're going to widen and deepen the experience for our current audience members and also open the doors and extend a very warm welcome to people who might be a little shy about trying out music here."

Construction on the site began in September 2017 after town permits from Stockbridge were approved.

The center was funded by the orchestra's "Tanglewood Forever" campaign, quietly launched in 2012 to help close the books on capital investment projects to clear the decks for a transformative revamp of the campus described by the BSO as "between Lenox and Stockbridge."

Before the campaign chaired by BSO Trustee Cynthia Curme went public last August, donors already had funneled $54.4 million into the coffers.

As of this week, more than 450 contributors have provided $61.4 million toward the campaign's $64 million goal.

"The early and visionary support of Ed and Joyce Linde and their family has given the BSO's trustees and management the ability to fully develop and implement plans that will have a life-changing effect on the ways we can deliver on our mission in the Berkshires," BSO President and CEO Mark Volpe stated. "Their gift encouraged us to work in partnership with new and existing donors and our communities to together create a new facility that will impact musicians, music lovers, music students and visitors, and will further reinforce Tanglewood's role as the pre-eminent destination for music and learning."

The Tanglewood Forever campaign is supporting significant projects on the campus as part of the orchestra's major economic investment in the Berkshires.

Near-future projects include landscape upgrades, improved walkways and signage for visitors, and restoration of views encompassing Stockbridge Bowl. Already completed last summer was restoration of the landmark Whispering Bench and its surrounding landscape, part of the original 1849 Tappan estate donated to the BSO in 1936.

A BSO-commissioned study by Stephen Sheppard, the Williams College economics professor who analyzes the county's hospitality industry, showed a current $127 million annual impact on the area by the BSO, including the activity generated by the construction project. The 2017 study predicted an ongoing increase in tourism revenue for the Berkshires, fueled by visitors to the Tanglewood Learning Institute.

Friday's BSO announcement pointed out that to safeguard the physical improvements and program innovations supported by Tanglewood Forever donors, the campaign includes a $12 million endowment fund to allow the orchestra to continue investing in the creation of "new cultural and intellectual pursuits through music and education for Tanglewood's community of Fellows, alumni, faculty, artistic partners and patrons forever."

The announcement included additional naming details:

- The central studio space will be named Studio E in honor of Edward H. Linde, who was chairman of the BSO board from 2005 until his death in 2010, and his family's visionary gift in 2009 to inspire the BSO to pursue ambitious initiatives that would have a significant impact on the organization, the communities it serves and audiences. Linde's wife, Joyce, who became a BSO trustee in 2010, has played a central role as chairwoman of the committee to develop the Tanglewood Learning Institute and guide the design and construction of the new building complex.

- The Gordon Family Studio recognizes generous contributions and longstanding commitment to the BSO by BSO trustee and great benefactor Michael Gordon and his family, who have been Tanglewood patrons for more than two decades.

- The Volpe Family Studio honors Mark Volpe, the BSO's president and CEO, his wife, Martha, and their family in recognition of a gift from Lia and Bill Poorvu and Arthur Segel and Patti Saris.

Other leadership donors will be recognized in the near future through naming of spaces, programs and positions.

Clarence Fanto can be reached at cfanto@yahoo.com, on Twitter @BE_cfanto or at 413-637-2551.

The final weekend of June marks the public unveiling of the $33-million Linde Center for Music and Learning at Tanglewood.

The final weekend of June marks the public unveiling of the $33 million Linde Center for Music and Learning at Tanglewood.. Beyond the year-round opportunities, the opening of the Linde Center — named in recognition of leadership gifts made by Joyce and Edward H. Linde and their family — signals a new series of intriguing, cutting-edge interdisciplinary programs at the beloved Berkshire music destination.. “With a whole new layer of activities available for patrons curious to get closer to our world of music and even venture beyond it, TLI will offer visitors a sense of discovery and engagement on a scale never before offered by the festival in its 82-year history,” Volpe said.. Saturday, June 29, 9 a.m. to noon, Linde CenterTattoos, an Instrument Playground, BUTI String Quartet Workshop Recital and Talkback led by Peter Zazovsky, Meet the Makers, Percussion demonstration and tryout, Tanglewood Music Center trombones with BSO Principal Trombone Toby Oft, and a music and movement class for people of all abilities led by Lauren Grant from Mark Morris Dance Group Sunday, June 30, 1 to 5 p.m., Linde CenterWBUR’s Circle Round performance and podcast recording, Tattoos, an Instrument Playground, Tanglewood Music Center basses with the BSO’s Todd Seeber, Tanglewood Music Center winds with BSO Principal Bassoon Richard Svoboda, Weird and Wonderful Musical Instruments, and a BUTI Instrumental Concert and Talkback Monday July 1, 2 to 4:30 p.m., Linde Center Cindy’s CaféA Bach Cantatas Coffee House, for adult participants.. The Linde Center consists of four buildings, connected by a serpentine walkway, gathered around a 100-foot Red Oak tree atop the Highwood Ridge overlooking Ozawa Hall in one direction and the rolling Berkshire Hills in the other.. Studio E is equipped with state-of-the-art seating, transformable from flat-floor to raked configuration, variable acoustical elements that allow the room to be “tuned” to support a wide range of events, including recital, chamber music, and chamber orchestra performances and lectures with an audience of up to 270, larger ensemble performances with an audience of up to 190, and audio-visual technology that supports recording and digital learning.. For Tanglewood Music Center rehearsals and performances as well as TLI events, the 1,400-square-foot Gordon Family Studio and the 768-square-foot Volpe Family Studio can accommodate audiences of 60 and 40 respectively.. – a hub for visitors, Tanglewood Music Center Fellows and faculty, BSO players, and TLI participants.. Natural ventilation and abundant access to daylight minimize energy use in the summer.. Upcoming Linde Center events will bring together creators, thinkers, and performers with patrons to investigate and connect life and music from myriad perspectives and contexts and to more thoroughly illuminate the creative and interpretive process for an already fortunate live-music audience.. TLI Open Studio consists of open Master Classes with BSO Maestro Andris Nelsons ( Conducting Class - July 16), soprano Renee Fleming ( Vocal Class - July 22), cellist Yo-Yo Ma ( Bach Cello Suites Class - July 31), and violinist Leonidas Kavakos ( Violin Class - Aug. 12).. Meet the M offers a series of curated film-screenings at 7 p.m on Sundays in Studio E, focused on classical music and paired with concurrent Tanglewood musical events.. Cinematics offers a series of curated film-screenings at 7 p.m. on Sundays in Studio E, focused on classical music and paired with concurrent Tanglewood musical events.. Shoptalks offers a series of curated film-screenings at 7 p.m on Sundays in Studio E, focused on classical music and paired with concurrent Tanglewood musical events.. Tickets are $20.

Although each speaker offered a unique perspective on their place in and vision for this major new center, two themes ran through everyone’s remarks: the pivotal role of the arts and learning in our society, and the importance of and commitment to the Berkshire community.

Although each speaker offered a unique perspective on their place in and vision for this major new center, two themes ran through everyone’s remarks: the pivotal role of the arts and learning in our society, and the importance of and commitment to the Berkshire community.. On a glorious a summer morning on Friday, June 28, Tanglewood opened the Linde Center for Music and Learning, set back over the rise beyond Ozawa Hall.. But we also have questions and even a few suggestions about the scope and nature of the promise to be OF the Berkshire community.. How can Tanglewood extend its promise deeply into this community, engaging its leaders and offering its citizens, and especially its children, the transformative power of music and ideas?. Based at Berkshire Children and Families, a Pittsfield social service agency serving the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley, Kids 4 Harmony is an El Sistema-inspired program of intensive after-school classical music training, located in economically challenged neighborhoods in Pittsfield and North Adams.. “Twenty musicians from Dudamel’s signature program YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) and YOLA National (students from diverse regions across the U.S.) will be joining the LA Phil in Edinburgh, participating in a cultural exchange with 60 young musicians from Big Noise Raploch, Sistema Scotland, which will culminate in an open rehearsal conducted by Gustavo Dudamel (August 4).. YOLA will also be performing side-by-side with the LA Phil as part of the performance on Friday, August 2.”. It is because of Kids 4 Harmony that instrumental and ensemble instruction in classical music is in these children’s lives.. Tanglewood has reached out to Kids 4 Harmony, as well, with free lawn tickets and places in the Darts program.. ‘You’re not going to get turned onto classical music if you don’t ever hear it, and a lot of black children just don’t get exposed to it very much,’ she told the newspaper.. Reach out to the organizations and leaders that work with a diverse range of Berkshire residents.. We’re thinking of leaders like Shirley Edgerton, who founded and directed Youth Alive, a multicultural program of music, dance and educational opportunities for children and youth in Pittsfield.. Work with the usher and volunteer organization to broaden their ranks with a diverse group of local people who love music and would love to be part of and to serve the Tanglewood community.. Initiate a schedule of live concerts on the Pittsfield Common during the summer, perhaps something like the prelude concerts, or Tanglewood Music Center performances.

By Keith Powers LENOX, Mass – The Boston Symphony Orchestra, intent on extending Tanglewood's season well beyond its pastoral summers, introduced the Tanglewood Learning Institute with programs on Wagner curated for "curious adults."

The Linde Center, home of the Tanglewood Learning Institute, opened with a bundle of weekend learning packages.The Linde Center – as the home of the TLI is called – will engage more fully the already-engaged adult audience.. (Hilary Scott)For the last weekend in July, presentations in Studio E included a lunch with BSO music director Andris Nelsons and soprano Christine Goerke (singing Brünnhilde); a fascinating presentation by BSO artistic administrator and Tanglewood director Tony Fogg and soprano Jane Eaglen (a Brünnhilde on many occasions, who spoke eloquently about that role); Elliott herself giving two lengthy and insightful talks; and a presentation by pianist Jeffrey Swann .. While Goodwin’s speech was the most popular of the weekend, the most informative presentations to the core group – MCANA and the 100 or so others who had paid $399 for the complete Wagner weekend package (including lunches) – came from Elliott herself.. The Linde Center, which opened June 28 with Augusta Read Thomas’ ‘Magic Box’ premiere, will operate year round.She joins the BSO front office in the newly created position of TLI executive director.. To begin the TLI weekend, Elliott gave a long and enthusiastic master class in Wagner’s music and emotion on Friday morning.. At one point, Nelsons offered Goerke a contract to sing an entire Ring cycle at Tanglewood in the future – words that spurred dozens of note-takers into action, but may be more hope than anything else.. Sue Elliott is the new Tanglewood director of learning.Elliott gave another detailed talk on Saturday after lunch, focusing on brass playing, and especially Wagner’s special instruments, in the Ring .. Student musicians in the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra took turns in ‘Die Walküre’ to limit physical strain.With at least two dozen reviewers in the audience, this space will stay clear of performance assessments.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra announces Tanglewood’s first-ever fall/winter/spring schedule of performances and activities to take place on the grou...

FOCAL POINT: Four-part Saturday-morning courses offering amateur artists opportunities to hone their skills in photography, pastel, and watercolor; and ART NIGHT OUT: “Drop-in” Friday-evening visual arts classes at the Linde Center, including smartphone photography and pamphlet-stitch bookmaking, both presented in conjunction with IS183 Art School of the Berkshires CINEMATICS: a Thursday-evening film series encouraging participants to explore and celebrate the relationship of music, cinema, and the human spirit; and CINEMATICS FOR FAMILIES offering Saturday-morning screenings and hands-on activities for kids, presented in collaboration with Berkshire International Film Festival, Mass Audubon Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, and Norman Rockwell Museum. TLI Berkshire Scholars, offering Berkshire educators subsidized access to events and programs of the Tanglewood Learning Institute at significantly reduced admission cost; a BSO/Berkshire Regional Arts Integration Network (BRAINworks)/Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) workshop on professional development for Berkshire educators; and a fall meeting of 1Berkshire’s Youth Leadership Program. In addition to performances by the BSO and the annual popular artist series, Tanglewood also presents concerts by the Boston Pops, a chamber music and recital series in Ozawa Hall, and performance by the Fellows of the Tanglewood Music Center, the BSO’s acclaimed summer music academy established in 1940 by Tanglewood founder Serge Koussevitzky (BSO Music Director 1924-1949).. With the fall/winter/spring programming, the Tanglewood Learning Institute will build upon its recently established collaborations (summer 2019) with IS183 Art School of the Berkshires and the Berkshire International Film Festival, as well as develop new collaborations with the Martha Graham Dance Company, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Chesterwood, Jacob’s Pillow, Norman Rockwell Museum, the Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios program, and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, in addition to expanding the festival’s longstanding partnership with the Mass Audubon Pleasant Valley Sanctuary.. On March 8, 15, and 22, 3–4:30 p.m., TLI Program Manager Emilio Gonzalez speaks on the topic “Dancing to the Music: Exploring the Composer-Choreographer Collaborative Process.” On April 26, May 3, and May 10, 3–4:30 p.m., TLI Director Sue Elliott discusses “Beyond the Muse: Exploring the Influence of Composer-Performer Partnerships.” Later in the spring, TLI SEASON PREVIEWS offer an inside scoop on the coming summer, including a multimedia overview of BSO concerts, Ozawa recital series, and TLI programming during summer 2020.. Additional activities to take place throughout the year include a series of five TLI CONCERTS, featuring performances in the Linde Center’s Studio E with current and retired Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians and ensembles, including an April 11 performance of Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus in celebration of its 50th anniversary, under the direction of conductor James Burton.. The BSO is working in partnership with the Berkshire Regional Arts Integration Network (BRAINworks)—a federally funded grant program that provides professional development in arts integration for Berkshire County educators, Pre-K through grade 12—to lead a professional development workshop at the Linde Center for local educators in collaboration with seven local cultural institutions on October 16, 4:30–7:30 p.m. Lisa Donovan from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) and BSO Youth and Family Initiatives Program Director Jenna Goodearl will be featured.

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