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On paper, putting two beautiful people together in a movie seems like a match made in heaven, but in reality, that doesn’t always work out so great. Personalities can clash, and that’s when things start to turn pear-shaped, especially when these actors are meant to be pretending to be in love. It wasn’t always obvious when their movies hit theaters, but it turns out that these actors really hated having to kiss each other.

Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts

Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts were two of the biggest actors at the time when they were cast alongside each other in the ‘90s drama ‘The Pelican Brief.’ Hollywood had put together two major stars that had millions of fans each. Their characters were meant to be romantically linked to each other, but Washington wasn’t sure about it.

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He was reportedly not that impressed at being cast opposite Roberts, especially when it came to intimate scenes. Washington allegedly claimed he had no interest in kissing Roberts due to fears of how being intimate with a white woman would go down. The actor feared it wouldn’t be well received by members of the African-American community, so he removed all of their kissing scenes.

Helena Bonham Carter and Woody Allen

It’s fair to say that Helena Bonham Carter didn’t enjoy her time kissing Hollywood legend Woody Allen in the rom-com ‘Mighty Aphrodite.’ Bonham Carter is known for playing quirky characters, and she was going up against Allen in his classic neurotic role in ‘Mighty Aphrodite.’ When it came time for their on-screen kiss, Bonham Carter explained that Allen came with a list of demands.

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Bonham Carter explained that she was demanded to kiss specifically in the way the Allen requests, and not to deviate away from that. It meant she felt a little uncomfortable when kissing the star, as she had to constantly think about what she was doing with her lips. The worst part for her was the fact that she compared kissing him to “kissing the Berlin Wall” because he made no effort at all in return.

Janet Jackson and Tupac

During the 1990s, there were few stars as in demand as rapper Tupac. He was known for being a hit with the ladies, and that reputation was something that Janet Jackson had come to learn before starring opposite him. The pair were due to be lovers in the drama ‘Poetic Justice,’ but Jackson had major reservations about kissing Tupac.

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She knew that the rapper had been with a lot of women, and she insisted that Tupac had a medical examination before considering their romantic scenes. Naturally this wasn’t something that Tupac was happy with, and the rapper turned the tables on Jackson. He was reportedly so upset about her demands that Tupac then refused to shoot any scenes with her due to the insult.

Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel

Some people view smoking as a terrible habit, and kissing someone who smokes tastes like kissing an ashtray. Although they were portraying a married couple in the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ Alyson Hannigan refused to kiss Jason Segel in the early seasons due to his smoking habit. She didn’t like the taste of smoke coming from Segel, and so she introduced a fine every time she had to kiss him.

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After being fined $10 for every peck, Segel decided it was time to give up smoking for good, especially after racking up a debt of $200 in just one day. That meant things got better for Segel and Hannigan in the kissing scenes department, and once he stopped smoking, it was no longer an issue for them.

Thandie Newton and Gerard Butler

The glamorous duo of Thandie Newton and Gerard Butler were seemingly made for each other in the drama ‘RocknRolla,’ but things didn’t work out so well. The problem between the actors was not that they disliked each other, but an illness that struck Butler. The plan was for Butler’s character to plant a kiss on Newton’s, but there was a problem.

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Butler had a really bad cold, and by all accounts, was extremely unwell. Seeing Butler put Newton off from doing their intimate scenes because there was no way she wanted to catch whatever it was he had. Newton didn’t want to catch an infection, and she made the director find an alternate way to make the scene happen. She got her to wish and let Butler keep his germs to himself during the filming process.

Will Smith and Eva Mendes

Nerves can get the better of us at the worst time possible. That was the case for Eva Mendes when it came time for her to shoot a kissing scene with Hollywood hunk Will Smith. The pair were starring alongside each other in the rom-com ‘Hitch,’ and it seemed as though Mendes had butterflies in her stomach before shooting one particular scene with Smith.

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To counteract her nerves, Mendes dined on a tuna sandwich that had corn chips and extra onion inside. That meant for some very smelly breath when she was up-close-and-personal with Smith. The legendary actor couldn’t help but notice Mendes’ bad breath, and he was not impressed. Mendes went away and sorted her breath out, and when she returned, the pair were able to successfully film their kissing scene without a hitch.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

There was no love lost between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams during the filming of the romance film ‘The Notebook.’ We all believed they had a true connection, but during the filming of the movie Gosling did his best to get McAdams kicked from the production. The pair really did hate each other while filming the movie, which is probably why they ended up being so believable as lovers.

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They didn’t even like being in the same room together, so kissing scenes were a real struggle, especially as there were quite a few of them. Although they didn’t get along during the filming of the movie, the pair actually entered into a relationship afterward in real life. It seems some of those frustrations during filming were perhaps a way of hiding their true feelings for each other.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was the envy of millions when she was cast alongside Bradley Cooper, once again, in the 2014 historical drama ‘Serena.’ In the film, Lawrence and Cooper’s characters were to have a passionate kiss, but things didn’t go so well. Although they had worked together already, Lawrence couldn’t help but give Cooper some negative feedback on his kissing technique. The Oscar-winning actress explained that Cooper was a “wet kisser,” which took her co-star aback.

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He said that was something you don’t really want to hear, and “it was not a compliment.” While there might be something to be said about Cooper’s kissing style, perhaps Lawrence isn’t one to talk when it comes to kissing their Hollywood co-stars. Cooper wasn’t the first co-star she had trouble kissing, and he might not be the one last either.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

Friendships felt as though they were on the line when Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were cast alongside each other in the sci-fi blockbuster ‘Passengers.’ The problem was that Lawrence knew Pratt was married because she was great friends with him and his then-wife, Anna Faris. This became an issue for Lawrence because she and Pratt were going to have to film some intimate scenes together.

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To fix her problem, Lawrence decided the best approach was to just keep necking the drinks until she felt loose enough to go for it. That wasn’t the best solution for Lawrence though, and she admitted she then didn’t remember what exactly she had done during those scenes when she got home. She said it was her first time kissing a married man, and she couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt.

Sienna Miller and James Franco

When cast as newlyweds in the fantasy comedy ‘Camille,’ it would have made sense for Sienna Miller and James Franco’s characters to have lots of intimacy. That wasn’t the case in this movie, however, and it was because of a medical condition that Miller was suffering from at the time. Her teeth were giving her some real trouble, and she just couldn’t even contemplate doing any romantic scenes with Franco, especially kissing her co-star.

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The pair of actors got along just fine, but Miller just couldn’t physically do what was expected of her at times. There was a distinct lack of intimacy in this film, which might have been expected considering the characters had just gotten married. At one stage, Miller’s pain was so bad she had to call for an emergency dentist to help her through.

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst

Although it’s one of the most iconic movie kisses of all time, the actors filming the famous ‘upside-down kiss’ in ‘Spiderman’ did not really enjoy it. In particular, Tobey Maguire felt as though his breath was being taken away, and not in a good way. He was hanging upside down for a long time, with rain being constantly splashed onto his face. That meant water kept dripping up his nose, so he was finding himself short of breath a lot.

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Maguire would do his best to steal a few breaths out of the corner of Kirsten Dunst’s mouth just to keep the oxygen flowing as much as possible. Things got worse when Dunst rolled the mask back for Maguire though, and he claimed this completely cut his air supply off.

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson

Having grown up alongside each other while making the ‘Harry Potter’ films, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson became extremely close to each other. They weren’t in love though, instead, they were like best friends, and even described their relationship like a brother and sister. Their bond became complicated toward the end of the film series when they were due to film a kissing scene together.

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It was extremely difficult for both actors, particularly for Grint, who said kissing her was “very surreal.” Because of their bond, Grint admits that he can no longer watch those scenes between himself and Watson. His co-star didn’t feel all that different about kissing Grint though, and Watson said locking lips with him “was the weirdest.”

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

It wasn’t just the kissing scenes between Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte that were seemingly a struggle for the two actors. Their dislike of each other was clear from early on in production, and their feud will live long in the memory of many Hollywood stars. They starred alongside each other in the 1994 rom-com ‘I Love Trouble,’ and there really was trouble for these two from the get-go.

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The pair couldn’t stand to be in the same room as each other and eventually forced the production crew to film their scenes separately. In the script was a kiss, that had to be done, with Roberts describing Nolte as “Disgusting.” Nolte said Roberts is “not a nice person,” and their feud is reportedly still going to this day, 25 years later.

Jewel and Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe had asked the casting department to make sure Jewel was cast alongside him in the TV drama series ‘The Lyon’s Den.’ He got his wish, and many people would have thought that Jewel would have been overjoyed at being cast alongside the Hollywood heartthrob. That wasn’t the case for Jewel, however, and it seemed as though Lowe’s reputation as a lady’s man had preceded him.

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Jewel was not really interested in shooting any intimate scenes with Lowe for one reason, the fact that she didn’t know where his mouth had been. It was a setback for Lowe, who was used to breaking hearts, but now he was the one left broken-hearted. To make sure he couldn’t kiss her, Jewel even made sure to bring her then-boyfriend along to the studio to keep Lowe’s mouth away from hers.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

When they starred alongside each other in the historical drama ‘Titanic,’ everyone watching agreed that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio had great chemistry together. That idea was put to the test when they were cast alongside each other once again in 2008 for the drama ‘Revolutionary Road.’ By that point, Kate and Leo had been friends for over a decade, and the dynamic of their relationship had changed significantly.

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Now Winslet was kissing her good friend in ‘Revolutionary Road,’ but that wasn’t the only issue for the good friends. Winslet’s then-husband, Sam Mendes, was directing the movie and watching on as Kate and Leo locked lips. The actress felt as though she was the only one struggling with this though, as she looked around the room and everyone else was focused on getting the shot.

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

One of the relationships that many fans of sitcom ‘Modern Family’ love is the one between Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s characters. They are one of the first LGBTQ couples to be put at the heart of a primetime show, and this has won ‘Modern Family’ many fans. Things might have been a little different if Eric Stonestreet didn’t come to terms with his role in the show.

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Stonestreet initially had trouble in being comfortable kissing another man as he is a straight actor. Eventually, the actor got his head around what he was doing, and the show has gone from strength to strength since. His initial worries were put to the side, and now kissing Jesse Tyler Ferguson is not a problem for Stonestreet on the set of the sitcom.

Kirsten Dunst and Brad Pitt

When she was just 11 years old, Kirsten Dunst was cast alongside Brad Pitt in the horror drama ‘Interview with the Vampire.’ The film came out in 1994, but it was a big moment for Dunst because she got to kiss Pitt. For most people, that would have been an amazing experience, but for Dunst, she found it difficult because Pitt was an adult and she was not.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (18)

It was just a peck, but that had a significant effect on Dunst’s views toward romance afterward. She explained that she thought it was disgusting to have kissed Pitt, and she wouldn’t kiss anyone else for another five years. It seemed to put her off looking for love, and Dunst waited until she was 16 to find someone else to kiss.

Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence

When Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence first starred alongside each other in the sitcom ‘Martin,’ their relationship was one of the things that drew fans in. As time went on, the two stars would find themselves fighting with each other. By the time season five came along, the pair were not really on speaking terms, and Campbell was keeping her distance from Lawrence.

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She refused to do any kissing scenes with him because of alleged inappropriate advances from Lawrence toward her. That meant Campbell didn’t even want to be in the same room as the actor. The show could not recover from this breakdown in their relationship, and eventually, it was pulled from the air before the ratings hit rock bottom.

Joanna Lumley and Leonardo DiCaprio

She might be a little older than Leonardo DiCaprio, but that wouldn’t have stopped Joanna Lumley from being excited about the prospect of kissing the legendary actor. In the crime drama ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ DiCaprio was due to lock lips with Lumley, but the actress seemingly didn’t enjoy the experience. She explained years after the film was released that she had to kiss the actor multiple times, and that actually it was “no fun.”

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (20)

Lumley explained that because there were so many takes, and she had to chew a ton of chewing gum between takes that it was not all you’d hope it to be. In fact, she compared the kissing scenes to “kissing someone in a dentist’s waiting room.”

Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett

Most people expected acting heavyweights Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett to put on an amazing show together in the drama ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’ Naturally they did, but the on-screen couple had some negotiations to do backstage to make their relationship believable. According to reports, Pitt had to be convinced into kissing Blanchett due to fears of his marriage to Angelina Jolie breaking down.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (21)

The glamorous actors would make the perfect couple, but Pitt didn’t want Jolie getting envious of his talented co-star. That led to Pitt being extremely hesitant about kissing Blanchett, but eventually he agreed, and the pair smashed their performances. As it turned out, Pitt and Jolie divorced anyway, so all of his worries about kissing Blanchett were irrelevant a few years later.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Actors end up spending a lot of time together on the set of their productions, and sometimes they develop feelings for each other in real life. It’s pretty common for romantically-linked co-stars to fall in love for each other, and that’s what happened to two of the main cast in the supernatural series ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder grew close during the early seasons of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ and eventually, they entered into a relationship together.

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The show kept on rolling, but their relationship broke down, and they split in real life. Their characters, however, were still in love, and it became difficult for the pair of actors to portray their characters. A compromise had to be made, and the stars agreed never to kiss each other, and they stuck to their pact until the final episode.

Orlando Bloom and Zoe Saldana

There wasn’t necessarily an issue with the chemistry between Orlando Bloom and Zoe Saldana when they starred alongside each other in the crime drama ‘Haven,’ but something wasn’t right. Orlando Bloom later explained that he really hated kissing Saldana during this film for one big reason. He said she would often bring her boyfriend along to the set, and that meant he was watching on as Bloom tried to make his intimate scene realistic.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (23)

That proved to be a major distraction for Bloom, who wanted the kissing to stop whenever Saldana’s boyfriend was around. He went on to explain that while most people expect actors kissing glamorous co-stars to be amazing, Bloom thinks “it’s always awkward.” Saldana also didn’t like kissing Bloom, claiming that their kissing scene was “gross.”

Johnny Depp and Carey Mulligan

It’s well-known to many film fans that Johnny Depp doesn’t really like kissing his co-stars all that much. He does do it on occasion if needed, but generally speaking, Depp prefers to keep his lips to himself on the set of his movies. When he was cast alongside Carey Mulligan in the crime drama ‘Public Enemies,’ it was written in the script that the pair would have an intimate moment.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (24)

There were some kissing scenes filmed, but it turned out they were not what the director was hoping for and didn’t make it past the cutting room. Mulligan actually held her hands up and said that it was down to her rather than Depp for the lack of passionate scenes between their characters. They took 16 takes of their kissing scene, but Mulligan said her awkwardness sabotaged their chemistry.

Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie

Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie might be two of the biggest names in Hollywood history, but that doesn’t mean they had a great time working alongside each other. The pair were cast alongside each other in the 2006 historical thriller ‘The Good Shepherd,’ and were due to kiss each other in one scene. The problem for Matt Damon was the fact that he and Jolie were such good friends.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (25)

He said it was as though he was being asked to kiss his sister. The kiss was so bad Damon described it as “really awkward and generally awful.” There was another issue for Damon in kissing Jolie, and that was the fact that at the time she was married to his other good friend, Brad Pitt.

Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson

It’s not always a clash of personalities that prevents co-stars from finding a meaningful connection during their kissing scenes. Sometimes it comes down to biology, and, more accurately, being sick. Robert Pattinson was considered one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs following his role as Edward Cullen in the ‘Twilight’ vampire series, but that didn’t mean Witherspoon was willing to kiss him.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (26)

During the filming of the drama ‘Water for Elephants,’ Pattinson had gotten a pretty bad cold, and it was so bad that Witherspoon didn’t really want to be near him. Witherspoon thought that Pattinson had possibly “the most hideous horrible cold” she had ever had to deal with during love scenes with a movie co-star. Pattinson did admit he felt terrible about the experience, but there was nothing he could have done about it.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal

Things on the set of the cowboy drama ‘Brokeback Mountain’ were already tough for the actors as they were playing characters struggling to come to terms with their own feelings. What made things worse for the film’s two stars, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, was the fact that one of their real-life girlfriends was watching on in the wings.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (27)

Ledger and Gyllenhaal’s characters were in love, but the pair struggled to find any real chemistry on the set of the movie according to reports. Even the director noted the tension between the two stars during the making of ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ Ledger’s partner, Michelle Williams, was also cast in the film, and by many reports, the late actor would have preferred to have been kissing her than Gyllenhaal.

Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise

Many years before she took a starring role in the sci-fi drama ‘Westworld,’ Thandie Newton starred alongside Tom Cruise in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ film franchise. She was cast alongside the megastar, and even into his fifties, Cruise is still a name in Hollywood that practically guarantees box office success. While he might be a hit with the audience, Newton was not impressed with Cruise’s kissing style.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (28)

She said she would actively go home at the end of the day “moaning about how hot it was.” Newton wasn’t saying it was hot in a good way, just that it was extremely sloppy and wet. That’s not exactly the most complimentary thing Newton could have said about kissing Tom Cruise, and it’s a sure sign she didn’t enjoy her time getting close to him.

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley

Although they looked great together on screen in the comedy ‘The Spectacular Now,’ there were some tensions between Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley during their kissing scenes. Woodley had starred in some of the biggest movies of the past decade, but it’s her off-screen antics that have grabbed headlines in recent years.

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One of those little quirks is the fact that during the filming of ‘The Spectacular Now,’ Woodley was regularly eating clay as part of her diet. Teller couldn’t help but notice this unusual eating habit, because she wasn’t afraid of eating her clay and then walking right up to her co-star straight after for a kissing scene. The problem was Teller could smell her food because he described it as a dirt pouch that smelled like an animal’s waste.

Sean Young and Harrison Ford

They might have fooled us all into thinking there was some genuine love between them, but ‘Blade Runner’ co-stars Sean Young and Harrison Ford did not like each other. They didn’t only hate kissing each other, but it also seems they couldn’t even stand to be in the same room. Their feud during the filming of the sci-fi classic reportedly got so bad that members of the production team had to step in to keep the peace.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (30)

When it came to kissing each other, the stagehands described it as “The Hate Scene’ because you could feel the tension in the air. Young had issues with Ford’s stubble, which was abrasive and causing her skin to become irritated. That was just the tip of the iceberg though, and the bad blood had brewed between these two from the get-go.

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

For some people, Marilyn Monroe was the original screen queen who stole the hearts of millions of film fans. Tony Curtis might have thought himself lucky to be cast opposite Monroe in the comedy ‘Some Like It Hot,’ although he didn’t seem to have such a fun experience. The pair had allegedly entered an affair before filming began, and Curtis compared kissing Monroe during the movie like kissing a notorious Austrian dictator.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (31)

Years later, Curtis would backtrack on comparing Monroe to a dictator, but he did not take back his feelings about how much he disliked kissing her. Curtis explained that Monroe’s kissing technique was too aggressive for his liking, and he thought Monroe was going to choke him by shoving her tongue down his throat.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Considering how intimate Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were meant to get during the filming of ‘50 Shades of Grey,’ you would have thought they had a spark between them. That was reportedly not the case at all, and the characters who were supposedly passionately in love really struggled to convey that love.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (32)

The book series was incredibly popular, and fans had high hopes that an on-screen version of the romance novel would sweep them off their feet. Instead, the lack of passion between the two actors spilled onto the set, and it was clear that there was some tension. What made matters worse was that during their promotion of the movie they couldn’t hide their tension, even though they desperately denied having issues with each other.

Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence

If Jennifer Lawrence had a problem kissing one of her good friends in Chris Pratt, the tables were turned when Liam Hemsworth had to lock lips with her. The ‘Hunger Games’ star admitted that he and Lawrence were such good friends that it was always going to be weird when it came to their kissing scenes. Hemsworth explained that although Lawrence is one of his best friends and he loves her as such, she made his life hard when they had to kiss each other.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (33)

Lawrence, according to Hemsworth, would proclaim just before they did their kissing scenes that she had just eaten something horrible. Mostly it was tuna or garlic, and she would make sure the experience was as unpleasant as possible for her co star by not brushing her teeth afterward.

Dane Cook and Kate Hudson

It was clear from the moment they finished reading the scripts for rom-com ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ that there were going to be some intimate scenes for the two stars. Dane Cook and Kate Hudson were the lovers going behind the back of Hudson’s movie boyfriend, Jason Biggs. They had plenty of racy scenes together, much to the discontent of Cook.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (34)

The actor was playing the sleazy friend who was willing to get with his friend’s girlfriend, but it seemed as though Hudson was the one making enemies during filming. She thought it would be hilarious to prank Cook and eat a ton of onions every time she and Cook were due to shoot a kissing scene. The laughs were lost on Cook, who later claimed that Hudson gave him the “worst on-screen kiss ever.”

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

Over the years, Charlie Sheen has gained a reputation for going wild and partying hard. He’s not the only Hollywood star to have done so, and when he was cast alongside Lindsay Lohan in the horror-comedy ‘Scary Movie 5,’ he possibly had met his match. While Lohan was also known for being pretty wild at the time, she had heard stories of Sheen’s partying, and she was put off from even locking lips with him.

These Actors Absolutely Hated Kissing Each Other On Set | JourneyRanger (35)

Lohan was so adamant she wasn’t going to kiss Sheen that a compromise had to be made, and they didn’t actually lock lips in the film. When we see their two characters kissing on the screen, it’s actually a body double for Lohan doing the smooching, and not the actress herself.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

People grew up loving and adoring the relationship between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s characters in the romantic drama ‘Dirty Dancing.’ When it came to the final product, it seemed as though the two actors couldn’t get enough of each other, and everyone happily believed they were in love on-screen. Behind the scenes it was a slightly different story however, and the pair didn’t exactly see eye to eye during their time working together.

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Grey once explained that she was cast before Swayze, and when he came in for testing with her, the casting department loved their chemistry. This was strange to Grey because she didn’t feel a thing toward the actor. It goes to show that even though the actors weren’t feeling it, they still gave two of the most believable performances of all time.


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Slowly extend your tongue and reach out for your partner's tongue. Just feel the moment and you'd nail your 'perfect kiss'! Twee and romantic, single lip kisses are the best way to tell your partner 'I love you'. Start by leaning closer and reaching out for one of their lips.

Typically, when people think of celebrities, they imagine glitz and glamor. After all, these are A-List stars we’re talking about here – the kind that walk the red carpets and earn millions every year. However, while these famous faces may clean up good when the need demands it, it seems they don’t spend every second...

The last thing you want is for people to remember you for your smell, rather than your work.. In fact, she rarely smells quite so fresh because she apparently only showers every few days.. It’s even worse when you consider that Julia once told Oprah that she doesn’t use deodorant because “it’s just never been my thing.” Well, although the actress might not have the best personal hygiene habits around, at least we know you don’t have to smell amazing to become a leading lady.. It seems that most of the celebrities who are apparently known for their smell aren’t the biggest fans of deodorant.. It was around that time that people were also supposedly telling her that she smelled “like a shrimp on a diaper.” The singer may well have been exaggerating how bad her scent was, but it was pretty clear that people didn’t love her odor.. Not long after, the National Enquirer also reported that Renée Zellweger apparently asked to work with a body double of Crowe’s while filming ‘Cinderella Man.’ She allegedly didn’t wish to do any intimate scenes with the actor because of his body odor.. When it comes to celebrities that smell, few stars apparently have an odor that’s as offensive as Shailene Woodley’s.. Several people have come forward admitting that the singer doesn’t always smell particularly great, including several of his former bandmates.. Although the singer asserts that he doesn’t smell, he has admitted to having a musk because he doesn’t “wear any deodorant or anything.” It means he always has a natural scent, for better or for worse.. Instagram/@nayariveraAt the time, Rivera was married to a white man who supposedly showered multiple times a day, something that she found surprising.. George Pimentel/Getty ImagesWhen she was married to her ex-husband, David Arquette, she apparently had a tendency to “smell like a truck driver.” That’s probably not what you’d expect from the person who played Monica Geller, but people can surprise you sometimes.. According to several anonymous stylists, he apparently smells worse than the rest of the celebrity world thanks to “body odor and cigarettes.” Although that doesn’t sound like an amazing combination, it doesn’t seem like the worst thing we’ve heard so far.

‘Dr. Phil’ is one of the biggest talk shows across the nation - and home to one of the most famous hosts of all time. However, the dark truth about Dr. Phil reveals there is a lot more to this host than first meets the eye.

Phil’ is one of the biggest talk shows across the nation – and home to one of the most famous hosts of all time.. Here, Phil McGraw, or Dr. Phil, as he is better known, aims to help everyone who makes their way to his stage.. Phil’ show.. Things didn’t start well for Dr. Phil as the now-famous talk show host has been in trouble since the 1980s, thanks to one particular lawsuit.. Although people have questioned if Dr. Phil can really call himself a doctor, many believe that he should still be there to help people when they need it the most.. However, giving it up has left some people wondering if Phil needs a license to host ‘Dr.. Source: CBSHe snapped back against the accusations in 2008 when he appeared on the ‘Today Show.’ Here, Phil said he made it “very clear” that he wasn’t diagnosing people on the show and therefore didn’t need a license.. It turns out that Dr. Phil has found himself on the wrong side of the law several times throughout his career as many people have tried to sue the TV host over the years.. Source: Getty ImagesUnfortunately, things didn’t last for long as Phil was later forced to pull the products from the shelves.. Phil’ show.. Phil’ show that have showcased people from all walks of life over the years.. Phil,’ especially as he had to be carried onto the show by the host and producers.. They also interview people from Phil’s early days of fame and his childhood friends, some of whom say that the host isn’t as squeaky clean as he seems on the show.. Phil’ producers about being on the show.. Phil’ show.

All we are left with are photographs of the mighty ship sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor.

While it may be an older ship, it still has many of the same parts that ships today have.. Just like ships of today, there had to be a crew that made this ship.. The first lifeboat that departed the ship only had 28 people on it.. The interior of the ship was luxurious, and the grand staircase was one of the stopping points on the ship.. The movie told us all we needed to know about how they classed people on ships back then.. When it comes to cruise ships, and ships in general, you don’t see much of a send-off anymore.. The ship has already been down there for over 100 years.. Many people have wondered why things (including the ship) can’t be brought back up to the surface to be displayed.. It is hard to imagine what kind of people were on board the ship.


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